Thursday, May 2, 2013

[News] 2PM-Shinhwa Look to Make a Splash with Comeback Albums

With girl-groups such as 4minute, T-ARA and SECRET dominating the K-Pop scene, the men are making their comebacks in May: Shinhwa and 2PM.

Other than SHINee, INFINITE and TEEN TOP, no male artist groups have stood out in the first quarter of 2013. Shinhwa and 2PM, who command a distinctive fan base, may be able to change that come May.

While neither teams have announced their official release dates, 2PM will likely stage their comeback performance a bit sooner, according to sources. The overall theme of the new album, Grown, will hinge on maturity. If 2PM’s previous image was sculpted abdominals and shirt-ripping kind of sexy, they now hope to become more controlled, mature type of refined sexy. As the album title suggests, they hope to show a level of maturity in their music as well. “Only One” and “Return To This Song” will be the title songs. As sing-a-song writers, Joon Ho and Jun.K wrote several songs for the album.

Shinhwa is reportedly coming back with an upbeat dance song of their style. Although no teasers have been released yet, fans are bubbling with excitement as they anticipate the longest-lived idol group in K-Pop history. An associate of Shinhwa revealed that the album hopes to be one that will be looked up to by other musicians, especially male group artists like themselves.

Shinhwa made an appearance on “Radio Star” last week and will go on “SNL Korea” on May 4.

Shinhwa is the longest lasting K-Pop idol group and celebrated their 15th anniersary since debut this year.


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