Thursday, May 2, 2013

[News] U.S. Billboard States, ‘Watch Out for Psy-Lee Hyori-2PM this May’

U.S. Billboard spotlighted Psy, Lee Hyori and 2PM stating that May was the month to watch out for for K-Pop.

On April 30, they released an article online that stated that many K-Pop artists including Lee Hyori, T-ARA, 2PM, Psy’s international promotions and more would be making a comeback and gained much attention.

Billboard first talked about Lee Hyori, “K-Pop diva Lee Hyori will be making her first comeback in 3 years. She is currently busy filming three music videos and also will have rapper Beenzino featured in her song.

Lee Hyori first debuted in a girl group called FinkL and later debuted as a solo singer in 2003. She is most famous for her sexy image and also won many awards.

She released her photo-essay book about her daily life in 2012. She is an advocate for animal rights and has been dating Lee Sang Soon since 2011.

For Psy’s “Gentleman,” they stated, “Psy has officially begun his international promotions and we are curious to see if this song will become just as successful as ‘Gangnam Style’.

Psy became a global hit last year when his “Gangnam Style” video went viral. Since then he has made many new records on YouTube, music charts and Guinness world records.

For group 2PM, it will be their first comeback in 2 years. Billboard stated, “2PM, who has been busy overseas and in Japan, will finally be coming back. They will be releasing their new album, Grown, and feature a double title song.

2PM is a group under JYP Entertainment and is best known for their ‘beast idol’ image. They consist of 6 members and are one of the top male idol groups in the industry.

They also stated other artists to watch out for such as T-ARA, SHINee’s comeback, B.A.P’s U.S. tour, After School’s special performance, Hello Venus comeback and more.


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