Thursday, May 2, 2013

[News] Who Is At The Top Of The Big 3? ‘Girls’ Generation, Psy, Suzy Bring In The Big Bucks For Their Labels’

Who Is At The Top Of The Big 3?’Girls’ Generation, Psy, Suzy Bring In The Big Bucks For Their Labels’

In the world of K-Pop, signing with one of the ‘Big 3' labels means you are well on your way to stardom, but some acts undoubtedly do better than others.

YG, SM, and JYP Entertainment manage the biggest and hottest stars in K-Pop.With industry know-how and immense financial resources, the top three Korean music management companies create and promote their groups around the world, earning them scads of fans and international recognition.

But what acts bring in the most money for their labels?

As many have guessed, after the release of “Gangnam Style,” Psy tops the list.The record-breaking song has thrusted K-Pop into the limelight and the effects have trickled down to the other groups under YG Entertainment.

But that does not mean that other popular acts were unknown before Psy.Psy only joined the label in 2010 and had released his first four albums under LNLT Entertainment.Five-member group Big Bang previously made up nearly 50% of YG’s earnings since their debut in 2006 and girl group 2NE1 has also contributed to the incredible success of the company.

At the moment YG executive Yang Hyun-suk is busy not only managing his wildly popular acts (which also include hip-hop trio Epik High and newcomer Lee Hi), but also preparing for the debut of a new girl group later this year.

SM Entertainment may market a different variety of singers, but there is no denying their global popularity.

The company is home to mega groups Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Super Junior who have experienced international fandom with their tight choreography and catchy numbers.TVXQ and SHINee also contribute to the earnings of the label which has

After Psy, SNSD has arguably the greatest name recognition in the K-Pop community, and the ladies bring in a huge portion of the company’s profits each year.Super Junior, in the midst of a global tour having just wrapped up four concerts in South America, have helped SM gain followers around the world, making them one of the biggest contributors to their record company’s profits.

Rookie group EXO is expected to continue SM Entertainment’s legacy with their own contribution to the company’s bank account this year.

Rounding out the Big 3 labels in Korea is JYP Entertainment with ‘$100 million girl’ Suzy at the top. The company may be struggling to compete with the likes of YG and SM these days, but they still have a solid reputation internationally for producing some of the greatest K-Pop acts.

Suzy’s solo career may currently be at the top of the list for JYP, but with six-member boy band 2PM making their comeback next month, that could all change.JYP’s promotions for 2PM’s newest album have been focused not only in Asia, but the US and Europe as well, and the group recently held two concerts in the famous Tokyo Dome performing for 110,000 fans.

Fans are also eager to see what is up next for international girl group miss A who previously have added to the label’s popularity.

Competition may be steep among the Big 3, but with such a wide variety of groups and singers to choose from it is no wonder YG, SM, and JYP have found their places at the top of the market.


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