Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon @ First stills from Night Before the Wedding

Now this is a fun way to find out who gets paired up in the romantic comedy Night Before the Wedding, since the large cast is loaded with possibilities. The first few stills released from the movie’s shoots are wedding photos for the couples-to-be (well, staged photos in wedding attire before the big event to be exact, since the movie takes place pre-wedded bliss) and it looks like we’ve got at least two couples headed down the aisle. Bets on which ones make it to the end of the movie?

The omnibus film from Naked Kitchen’s Hong Ji-young is about various couples on the eve of their wedding night, where you just know things are going to go awry. We’ve got Lee Yeon-hee (Gu Family Book) looking adorable with future hubby Taecyeon (Dream High), and Go Jun-hee (The Chaser) paired up with Lee Hee-jun (Jeon Woo-chi) in a set of shoots where he looks SO HAPPY to marry her I already feel terrible for him in case his heart gets crushed.

Kim Kang-woo (Haeundae Lovers) is set to be paired with Kim Hyo-jin (The End and the Beginning), which leaves Joo Ji-hoon conspicuously un-matched. Hm, is he going to be somebody’s Other Man? He’s not… going to be entangled with all of them, right? That’d be pretty epic, yunno, in a really bad-luck wedding-jinxy way. But I wouldn’t put it past the director of Naked Kitchen to pull out some unexpected pairings and/or trios up in here. Just sayin’. We’ll just focus on the happy couples until we hear otherwise.

Night Before the Wedding is planning for a release later this year.

Source: dramabeans

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