Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[Twitter] Stars Thank their Parents on Parents’ Day

May is the month of family and May 8 specifically spotlights all the parents for working hard to raise their children to the best of their abilities.

Although parents should be loved and respected all year round, stars took some time to pay tribute to all of their loving parents on this special day.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook and 2NE1’s Sandara Park tweeted photos of flower bouquet, which were sent to their parents from the fans.

Ryewook wrote, “Their son couldn’t go home…TT so the fans took care of them~~ Let’s all give a call to all the parents. Tear~~ Thank you, Na Ryeowook Dot Com!

Sandara tweeted, “Thank you for always taking the greatest care every time ^^ My mom liked it too. Everyone, tell your parents to always be healthy and happy too~

2PM’s Jun.K wrote, “May 8 is Parents’ Day! Thank you for trusting me and showering me with love, Mom. ^^ And to my father in heaven! The weather is nice today. I hope that my love for you will reach you today even more. ^^

Supreme Team’s Simon D simply tweeted, “Today, you have to a be hyodo (Good son or daughter). #happyparentsday #sayiloveyou.

Teen Top’s Changjo wrote, “My love, Mom. My Love, Nuna. Thank you and I will love you forever! I love you!

U-Kiss’ Kevin wrote, “Today is Parents’ Day! Mom~Dad~ Thank you always and I’ll work harder to be a better son! I love you! Happy Parents’ Day!” Fellow member Kiseop also wrote, “Dad, Mom, I love you.

Brian Joo tweeted, “To all the dads and moms in Korea~ I hope this is a happy happy Parents’ Day for you ^^ Always be happy and live a long, long time with good health~! I love you, Mom and Dad!!

Sung Yuri, who is currently acting as a mother on SBS’ The Secret of Birth, received carnations from her onscreen daughter Kal So Won.

And then there was Tiger JK, who tweeted, “I received a carnation for the first time in my life. ‘Thank you letting me be born.’ – Jordan. Haha. TT TT Happy Parents’ Day to all the parents~

Kim Hyung Jun wrote, “My loving Mother. Thank you for giving birth to me. Thank you for enduring through the hard times and raising me. Please be in good health and by my side for a long, long time!I love you. Thank you for the omelet~!!! ^^.”

Meanwhile, Rainbow’s Jaekyung worked all throughout the night to make her parents a beautiful thank you card. “Finished the card to give to my parents for Parents’ Day ? Mom and Dad~! Thank you for raising me in such good health. I love youuuuuu ?. The card will be delivered to you later! Haha. I hope everyone spends happy times with their parents today! ? Mommy, I love you ?.”

After learning about Parents’ Day from Kim Yoo Jung and Yeo Jin Gu, Jaden Smith also gave a carnation to his famed father, Will Smith at a red carpet event on May 7.

Make sure to tell you parents you love them today (and everyday)!


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