Thursday, May 16, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Junho Broke Taecyeon’s Arm while Arm Wrestling

With a running joke that he has a bad temper and personality, 2PM’s Junho revealed that he accidentally broke Taecyeon’s arm during arm wrestling.

On May 15, 2PM appeared on MBC’s Radio Star, where the members talked about its comeback as well as issues surrounding the group.

The MCs mentioned the rumor that Junho broke Taecyeon’s arm because he has a terrible personality. When the MCs tried to confirm, the 2PM members denied it and explained what actually happened.

Taecyeon explained that he was arm wrestling with a member. “We counted 1-2-3 and I flexed my arm when all of the sudden, I heard something like a baseball bat cracking.

As Taecyeon didn’t mention who broke his arm, the MCs began to speculate, pinpointing Junho without hesitation.

Junho sheepishly admitted it was him. He added that since then, he hasn’t been able to arm wrestle due to trauma.

All the 2PM members agreed and said they will never arm wrestle with each other again.

It turned out that when Taecyeon tightened his muscles, the sudden strength in his arm was too much for the bone to handle and it broke.

Source: enewsworld

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