Thursday, May 16, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Jun.K is interested in having Yang Hyun Suk as his CEO?

2PM‘s Jun.K implied that YG Entertainment just might be the place to go for singer-songwriters during the group’s guest appearance on ‘Radio Star‘.

MC Yoo Se Yoon commented, “For Big Bang‘s title track, G-Dragon writes it.” Junho answered, “That’s because that agency trusts them.” Jun.K further explained, “CEO Yang doesn’t write songs. But as you know in our agency, J.Y. Park hyung writes songs,” revealing the difference between the agencies.

The MCs asked, “So in the position of a member who writes songs, isn’t it better to go to YG?” Jun.K and Junho seemed flustered, but brought amusement as Jun.K left Junho in charge of coming up with a response, saying, “You answer it.” Junho looked shocked and started shouting, “He can’t say anything! You see, he’s the real dirty one here!” towards Jun.K, bringing chaos on set as everyone broke out into laughs. Taecyeon added to the banter with, “Why can’t you say anything!

Kyuhyun added, “Hearing the way you call him CEO Yang, it sounds like you want to bring him on as your CEO.” Seeing Jun.K smile and chuckle, the MCs further teased, “See you can tell that’s an honest laugh right there! He probably imagined it and was smiling at the thought!” as Jun.K kept waving his hands to say that’s not what he meant, bringing the topic to a close with laughter.

Source: allkpop

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